If You Make A Mistake

If you make a mistake then own it. I find it unbelievable how many people actually try to blame their fault on someone else although it’s obvious that nobody else had anything to do with it.

It’s the “those idiots sent me here” thing, while it’s clear that “those idiots” actually did the right thing and the person did the wrong thing. It’s like pulling into a one way street the wrong way and then blaming it on others.

It’s the calling someone a bitch for something that was done wrong by you, just because that person is unable to help you. I do hate the word procedure or policy too but in some cases it’s just what it is and there’s simply no way around it. So deal with it.

If you make a mistake and people honestly try to help you and solve the problem then appreciate it. It’s that simple.

Working is like a huge field study. The behaviour of people is crazy interesting. No matter who they are, how important they think they are or what they want. I love studying the behaviour of people at the moment. I love seeing how they react in certain situations. And I love to see the huge differences in their reaction to the same issues.

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the way they approach you, the way they react and the way they leave. There’s a lot I will take out of the last couple of weeks again. Lots of things I learned once more. I have a little list in my head of reactions I want to have in my future when confronted with certain issues, things I want to do and especially reactions I never want to make mine.

And that one thing pops in my mind I was always told when growing up: Treat people the way you want to be treated…

40 thoughts on “If You Make A Mistake

  1. Well said! I have to say that I’m not always as calm as I wish and don’t always respond in a way I find appropriate… But that’s more to people who have been doing nothing, even though they are paid for it (a lot) and already promised me often and are blaming me and it’s been going on for months and put me in a lot of trouble. Or does that sound like an excuse? lol. Life and people are difficult.

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  2. Absolutely concur..no one is perfect so I don’t see why I should be ashamed or shy to take a blame. Shit happens..we deal with it. Not blame it on other people no matter how appealing it feels to blame them.

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  3. I’m trying to teach this lesson to Crash. He’s forever blaming others for his own mistakes. He’ll even blame inanimate objects. If he bangs his tow on a chair leg, it’s the chair’s fault. If he runs into a door, it’s the door’s fault.

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  4. I appreciate it when people own their mistakes too. When they don’t I feel like they want me to take responsibility for their mistakes. Why should I be sorry for your mistakes, own your own behavior, you will be much happier.

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  5. I use to work in retail and I firmly believe that everyone should be made to work a Christmas in retail. One of the best ones was a lady (I use the term losely) came in on Christmas eve half an hour before we were due to shut to get the most popular book, which we had sold out of. She basically demanded that we print her one there and then. And the language was amazing and the worse of this was, she was screaming at me, she was screaming at a 16 year child, who was doing a bit of overtime. I kicked her out the shop so fast (I was the manager) her feet didn’t touch the gound

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  6. It”s the people you work with that make the job enjoyable or miserable. And what you’ve learned from your recent experience may not be applicable in any future similar endeavors. I learned this from experience, especially when there was a long period of time between my similar endeavors. I don’t know if the business or the “rules” had changed in the interim, but I did not have as much fun on the newer job as I’d excitedly anticipated when I accepted it. I hope you don’t experience this same culture shock if another career opportunity presents itself to you.

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