End It Finally! – A Sad Blast From The Past

It has started again. One of the cruelest things done by human kind. One of the things that make me so sad and frustrated. I feel numb as there is not much I can do. I’m too much of a coward to head over there and throw me between those monsters and their helpless victims. Too much of a coward to be as brave (maybe extreme) as the Sea Shepherds. So I feel I do nothing. I feel I have blood on my hands too because I know it’s happening again. Nothing I can do but share the sad fact that this sick and cruel tradition is still going on. When will it ever stop??? When will it be forbidden? When will we realize that traditions like that have no room in this world anymore?

There are so many traditions that are worth keeping. And then there are the ugly ones. The ones that finally have to be stopped. Forever and for good. Traditions that might have made sense and decades or centuries ago might have played out differently than they do today. With a different impact. With different tools.

I can’t take it any longer. Why? Why does it have to happen? What is wrong with people? What is the reason for this cruel massacre? Imagine if we would appear in an area, then herd people in this area and chase them in a corner to then brutally slaughter them. Do you think the world would watch? Do you think the world would accept it? Imagine that group of people would be threatened to extinct. Imagine kids would be part of the terrorist that kill them eventually, cutting their throats, letting them bleed to death, coloring the soil deep red with their blood.

Imagine the panic, imagine the pain.

Unbelievable, right?

And yet we are watching! We are accepting that it happens. Over and over and over again!

I feel disgust! I feel numb! I feel shocked! I feel ashamed! And I feel hate! Yes! Not dislike! I hate that this happens. I hate that we watch. I hate that we accept. And I hate every single one of those people taking part in this massacre. Yes, I do!

I hope there is Karma (the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect)). There needs to be Karma…

What a shitty soul do you have to have to find pleasure in this???

What kind of a person do you have to be to find pleasure in this? What kind of person do you have to be to introduce your children to this “sport”? What kind of person do you have to be to watch?

It’s time that we stop this! Time that we accept that this is wrong! Time that we no longer wash our hands in innocents! Time to stop watching. This tradition has to end.Β Β  And now watch! Watch how those “brave” people chase the pilot whales on their boats. Watch how those poor creatures (with their babies) have no way to escape. Watch the panic, the fear. And watch how these disgusting “human beings” storm in to slaughter a creature that has not done any harm! Yes! Watch it!

How does it make you feel? It makes me sick! I feel ashamed. Ashamed of being a human. Ashamed of not being able to do anything. And I do feel hate. Hate. I hate every single one of them. There is no excuse. If you can do this, you have no soul. Why is it that we don’t see them as mass murderers? As serial killers? As psychopaths? Is it just because they kill animals instead of people? Did you know that there’s a theory that serial killers start of with killing pets? Animals? Just to test how it feels to see a living creature die? Now, tell me again: What does distinct those people from serial killers? They obviously find pleasure in what they do…

Happy weekend…

Oh, and if this video is not enough, there are plenty out there… because it happens on a regular base… Every year… The Grind is an annual “sport” as you can read here

Watch the video. But stop sitting there watching and accepting. As long as we watch and accept we have blood on our hands too…

67 thoughts on “End It Finally! – A Sad Blast From The Past

  1. So horrific, following the dog butchering festival in China. We are one world. We cannot permit the heinous practices of the past to influence policy in a increasingly damaged planet with animals bearing such abuse. It is sickening.

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    • It is. I’m surprised how many people still have no clue about the things that still go on. I think if more people would be informed something would change. Don’t you think so?


  2. This post is incredibly powerful and very relevant to the animal and environmental rights discussions that are circulating today. I certainly hope that one day there will be better regulations to prevent this kind of torture and abuse, both to animals and to the environment. It is blatantly disgraceful to see a life be devalued. #earthlings #animalrights #activistsunite #sealivesmatter

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  3. Terrible. I reblogged something about a mob in Argentina who killed a poor innocent baby dolphin by passing it around and taking selfies. This is worse times infinity. Seriously, we have devolved to this?

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  4. Maybe it is due to my Norwegian upbringing that I have a more pragmatic view on this. Your post is emotional, and I am sorry to say; not accurate and not factual.

    You start by saying that Grindadrap is one of the cruelest things done by human kind. I could not disagree with you more. My top list of cruelest things done by human kind include The Crusades, the Holocaust, the Holodomor, the Witch hunts, the Khmer Rouge Regime, Fanatical Terrorism, and the Mao imposed Great Chinese Famine. Hunting to put food on the table does not come anywhere near the top-list of cruelties!

    You mention Sea Shepherd as brave. I guess I will agree to that – as it does take a certain amount of bravery to commit terrorism. Yes, Sea Shepherd is persona non grata in several countries as they are seen as terrorists. In Norway alone they have tried to sink 4 ships. Watson himself was actually kicked out of Greenpeace because he was too extreme for them.

    You also deem Grindadrap as sick and cruel. Do you feel the same way about raising sheep, killing them, slaughtering them and put on your dinner table? Or chicken? And how about fishing? Surely that must be seen as cruel and sick!

    The Pilot Whale is not extinct. The hunting methods and ways to kill are far more humane than for many other meats. The whole animal is used once killed; nothing is wasted, so it is actually a sustainable food source. Also – if you let the numbers of the pilot whales run too high, then several types of fish becomes extinct – which will have a deep effect on all other species on earth. There will be no more food left! And then the pilot whale will also die of famine.

    You say that this is a tradition that has to be stopped. Seriously? Eating is a tradition that has to be stopped? They don’t kill the pilot whale for fun. It’s not a sport! It is FOOD! It is not even a commercial industry! The whales are being distributed to the people of the island – for free. And they prepare it and have it for dinner. And then they don’t have to buy quite as much imported food, as that is very costly. And imported foods pollute greatly just by being transported.

    You hate every single person taking part in Grindadrap. You hate the inhabitants of a whole country. A country I bet you have never set foot in, and I am also pretty damn sure you can’t even pin it on a map. Good on ya!

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  5. My heart just broke into a thousand pieces. How dare they! These people have no souls whatsoever, no feelings. I could not watch the entire video as I didn’t want to start crying in front of my two year old. I can’t believe this is still happening in the world. Those poor, innocent, beautiful creatures. I’ve not felt this much anger in a long time. Thankyou for making me aware of this. More needs to be done! I have no idea why these psychos aren’t put behind bars. It makes me want to become a vegetarian

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    • Go visit a slaugher house! I believe it is good to know where your food comes from. All meats come from living animals, that has been killed. Thats just a fact of life.


      • Yeah it does sicken me. I eat meat but I’m glad I don’t have to kill the animals 😦 i wouldn’t be able to

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      • Well I guess you have just never been hungry enough.

        I do find your statements to be quite hypocritical. You eat meat, but those who kill innocent animals (and aren’t all animals innocent and cute? Lamb, cows, pigs, mouse, deer?) are psychos and must be put behind bars? To take that thought further, YOU are a psycho for providing a market for those soulless animal-murderers!


      • Ok, now that’s enough! If you start calling my readers psychos I ask you kindly to leave my blog and never come back. I do not agree with what your opinion is but I’m not coming over to your blog and start harassing you and your readers. Please get out of here and never come back. I accept your opinion but not the way you act here.


      • Hey, she called ME a psycho! I was only turning her own words against her. You have also been quite disrespectful of the Faroese people. Dont you see the hypocrrazy?


      • I apologise to you for the incredibly rude and out of control behaviour of certain people commenting here. Please ignore it! I appreciate your comment!


      • Maybe my views are contradictory because I am in two minds about the subject. Maybe they are being killed for food but the fact that there is a whole crowd and people videoing this massacre makes me think that it might be for food but more for sport and that part is what sickens me. I’m sorry that our opinions aren’t the same, thats the way of life. I’m going to agree to disagree here πŸ‘

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      • I know I am persona non grata in here for not sharing the owner of this posts views and for speaking up against hate speach against a whole nation. Be that as it is – I feel I can contribute to explain the video.

        The voices that you hear speaking in the video are Norwegian, aka tourists whom just happened to be visiting Torshamn (the capital of the Faroe Islands). Norwegian is a very “singing” language, and sounds alot more cheerful then the words uttered.

        The voice is amazed to witness how this is done, she is explaining to some degree what she sees, and the only excitement detected at all is of it being a good catch.

        The people on the beach are all licenced whalers, and they are running to and from to make the kill fast and effective so the whales doesn’t suffer. It is not allowed to kill from the boats, the kill MUST be on the beach.

        I will not lie to you. I both hunt and fish (but I do not whale – am not licenced for it and it is not possible in Norway in the same way as you see in the vid), and there is a certain level of adrenaline connected to both hunting and fishing, and there is also a level of excitement. Now, the exitement is not for the KILL, but for the good catch. Yes, I get excited when I catch a nice big cod. And I do get excited when I shoot a deer. These are my favourite foods in the whole world, and yes I am superexcited to put this on my dinner table. The slaughtering is gorry, bloody, smelly, and hard work. The actual kill itself is not enjoyable at all, and all good hunters will make sure that the kill happens very fast and with as little pain for the animal as possible.

        Chefs are excited when they get their hands on prime beef as well, the only diffrence is that they did not kill the cow themselves. I guess that everyone that eats meat, understand that animals have to die for us to prepare dinner on them.

        Whale meat is superyummy, I personally can’t stomach the blubber, but that is just a matter of personal taste.

        I hope this clear things up a little bit, and I can assure you that neither the participants nor the spectators are psychos πŸ™‚

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      • If the reason for it is for food and survival and done in an humane way then I can not have any say about it. Look what they do to chickens and cows here in America is quite horrifying. It’s not being done on an humane way. And yet I eat them.

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      • Same here. But then let’s also stop talking about the dog meat festival in Yulin. Because they claim that there are too many dogs roaming the streets and they eat them too… so it’s for food as well…

        I see everyone’s point here. I totally do and if you share additional information in your comment then I’m totally fine with it. Just like with yours and the link you put up. I like to learn, you know, even though I still can’t accept what’s being done in the Faroe Islands I totally see the point.

        I even agree to the fact that it’s hypocritical to point the finger at Faroe Island (and Yulin) and eat meat. I totally see that point.

        I don’t like it though, if my followers get called names. That’s where I draw the line. It wasn’t you. So all good.

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    • Thank you for posting this link. This is a must read for all the people reacting emotially to gorry pictures of whaling. They should all read this post – and then both visit a slaughter house and tag along for a hunt on any other mammal.

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  8. Thank you so much for sharing this and increasing awareness. That’s very important too! It’s things like this that make me ashamed of being human. As Mark Twain wrote: “Of all the creatures, man is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain. The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.”

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