My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #14

Sometimes I wonder if the weekend should really be seen as the end of the week or rather like the start of the week. Maybe that would give us more freedom? I mean of course it’s defined as the end of the week, but then how nice would it be to start he week with some days off? Anyway, my week has been a busy one in a good way. Lots of time spent with the kids and their friends doing fun stuff.

So while I personally had a great time, I look at the world and see what others had to go through.

So much bad stuff going on in this world again at the moment. I wonder if it will ever end. Rather than learning from all the bad things and making a decision to not not react with violence anymore and turn things around there is war after war, aggression after aggression. Most likely it is a pipe dream that you can fight hate with kindness without being run over. Maybe it is necessary to attack attackers. But then it also breeds more hate, more revenge, more pain.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone due to hate and pain and revenge. To everyone who is now a victim of this hate and revenge and mindless violence. I hope that in their pain they will realize that violence is not the solution. But how is it possible? How can you lose everyone close to you and not hate? How can you not want to punish the responsible people? How can you fight these thoughts and remain “normal”?

I hope you had a fantastic week and will enjoy a wonderful weekend. Remember to smile and enjoy and be kind. Stay safe πŸ™‚

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