Yellow – #atozchallenge

Yellow is such a wonderful happy color and I figured why not using it for the “Y” post (I’m only slightly behind here) of the A to Z Challenge. But it’s also one of my favorite songs by Coldplay. So I figured I combine the two and I hope you will enjoy the pictures and also the song.


13 thoughts on “Yellow – #atozchallenge

  1. Thanks so much for putting me onto the Coldplay song. I listen to music in the car and don’t really know who sings what beyond Ed Sheeran. Might have to get myself a Coldplay CD.
    Yellow is my Dad’s favourite colour. Every year, he buys my mother a huge bunch of yellow roses, although she’d prefer red or a soft pink. Foe awhile I lamented that my Dad couldn’t put himself in Mum’s shoes, but I’ve since viewed it as a gift from him, as a touch of himself.
    Best wishes,

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  2. I’ve never really liked the colour yellow but love to see it in nature. The thing is, it is such a happy colour as you always have yellow ‘smileys’, and the bright yellow sun always cheers up the day! πŸ™‚

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      • I once had a yellow top which I wore with a navy skirt with yellow flowers on it in the office. I blended well with the new decor as they painted everything yellow. Both got thrown out when I lost weight and they hung on me.

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      • Sounds actually pretty beautiful… I might reconsider… but then with the red hair not every tone of yellow goes well with me. It can make me look like a white sheet…

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