Almost There

Keep moving forwardVery often I feel like I am almost there. It is so close and I feel like I can grab it. And then… it suddenly feels so far out of reach again and I wonder why.

Maybe my perspective has changed, maybe the goal has changed. Maybe it was actually not as clearly there after all. Who know…

There were so many moments in my life where I was longing to finally get there and so very often there was the thought of being almost there.

I remember being back in school with the last exams coming up, the big exams. And of course you think “I am almost there” while still studying hard and worrying that you might not have understood that one subject well enough to be able to answer the questions properly. But you know that there is only a little bit between that moment and finally being done with it. But what comes after?

There will be so many more situations where you will be thinking “only that little bit longer, only a little bit more” and of course “Almost there”. The moving you have to do, packing boxes and thinking about what still needs to be wrapped and packed. But you are almost there. Being sick in bed with a flu and finally starting to feel better. Almost there. Driving with your kids to the beach and longing to be there finally. Almost there. Being at the dentist and hoping to be over with it soon. Almost there. Pushing through a workout, every moment so close to giving up, but there is just only a little bit more to do. Almost there. Running home through the rain, totally drained. Almost there. Trying to get the snow off your car and realizing that the only bit you still have to do is getting the windscreen whippers off the glass… Almost there. The last 30min of a 12 hour flight. Almost there. The weight you want to loose and you are just that tiny little bit away from your goal. Almost there. Making home made Raviolis and while working on the dough and filling them thinking that there won’t be enough for everyone. Almost there…

I am currently working on the Prequel to my Novel and I finished the first 1/4 of it this afternoon. As you know the Manuscript of the other Novel is currently being edited and I am waiting for some suggestions for my covers. Almost there.

The almost there always feels so good. It is lifting a weight off your shoulders and makes you push that little bit harder. It makes us believe that we can achieve it and move forward. It makes us stick to a plan and it also makes us pull through the not so pleasant moments.

And although we kind of always “arrive”, there is more to come. And I wonder, if we will ever truly arrive. Or if there will be so many more moments of “Always there” ahead of us…

Inspired by Bare Naked In Public

8 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. The good news is: We never get it done anyway… The path always continues after a curve. But on the other hand I’d say that “almost there” is an imagination that we might supposed to be on a different place than we are right now. But who says, that where we are right now isn’t already an arrival??? Great post , you really inspired me to think about that. So cool!

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  2. I enjoyed this post so so much. You have truly captured the ‘we are almost there’ moment…For me, that feeling is all about impatience, followed by anxiety, followed by excitement..back to being impatient again..and so on.


  3. “Are we there yet?..” Is one of my favourite sayings that seems to have lasted from my childhood to the present day. I say it in the afternnons at the office, in the car, cycling, walking, anytime when there’s patience and/or effort required to reach a goal or place. πŸ™‚

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