Your Stories – The Heart Is Still Right! By Sunsetmood

Thank you so much, Benny from Sunsetmood for sharing your beautiful love story with all of us here. It is such a pleasure to read those stories and hear about how people find together. Please you all, feel free to share your story with me or check out ‘Couples’ and ‘Your Stories’ to read more.

I met her in a local community event back in 2004. The community that we both join consist of people with passions toward food and traveling. Back then, I had a girlfriend, and she also had a boyfriend. In fact, both of us took our partner in several community events that follow.

Both of us continued to meet regularly in several events until 2005, when we went our separate way. I left the community due to increasing demand of taking Master Degree while doing full time job, while she continued to be active in the community with her boyfriend. I didn’t hear anything much from her, but somehow still followed on what she was doing through her friend, who was happen to be a classmate in my Master Degree class.
Fast forward to 2008, and I was single. I have been going out with some women for a movie, or even to attend some weddings. However, I didn’t really comfortable to start a long term relationship with these women for some unknown reason. I was 30, tired for being single, and ready to start a family. Then on one night after the class, I have a chat with our mutual friend:
Me: I’m tired of being single and going out with some women. I think I’m ready to settle down.
Mutual Friend (MF): Why don’t you date her?
Me: She has a boyfriend.
MF: Nope, she just broke up a couple months back
After the conversation, we met and reconnect at a friend’s wedding. Turns out that we still share the same passion to food and traveling, and also to performance art. We would go to movies, live performances, food tasting, book launches, and many. More. Few month after we started to date, we embark on a 1 week journey together. That journey sealed our destiny. Somehow the heart knows when you find the right one.
And the heart is still right 5 years into the marriage…….

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