The Greener Grass…

Frankly, I’m a bit over all those people saying that the grass seems greener on the other side. You know what I mean. The constant complaining about what they would like to have and don’t have. The pointing out what others have they would like to have but fear would never get.

I’m over it for a couple of reasons.

First of all jealousy.

Why is it so hard to be happy for others? It seems like people just can’t stand it if others are happy or have something they don’t have. Jealousy is a bitch, you know. And even if some won’t admit that they are jealous, their remarks make it so obvious. The gossiping, the bitching, the pointing out that “they can only afford it because of this and that”. I wonder why certain people can’t look at others and say: “Look at that great house! It’s stunning. They deserve it because they worked really hard for it.” Or maybe “They deserve it because they keep their financials under control.” There would be many positive reasons to mention. And if jealousy wouldn’t be an issue I’m sure those reasons would be easy to find.

Looks are deceiving.

The grass on the other side might look greener. But is it really as green as it seems? Maybe it got spray painted, you know? And underneath the paint it’s actually dying off. Have ever thought about that? A lot of things are not the way they seem. So many people are good actors and manage to put on a show for everyone else. But behind the scene life looks different. They struggle. Maybe more than we do. The show though must go on. So everything gets polished and looks shiny and perfect. In reality it’s far from perfect and healthy and happy.

Do you really want to give up what you have only to get what you see? Is what you have really not good enough?

The next reason I’m over it is because you give up on yourself.

If you think that the grass is greener on the other side and your grass will never be as green as the one on the other side than you’ve already lost. You will never try again. You give up. Instead of seeing it as a motivation and give everything to actually make your grass as juicy and green as the one on the other side, you only see the negative side of it. Something I really don’t want to do and a lesson I’d like to teach my children. It does not matter how green the grass on the other side is. As long as you look after your garden and do your very best to make it look good, you can be proud of yourself.

Don’t envy what you don’t have, it might not be worth it. Look at what you got. Appreciate it. Be happy about it. And then start building on it. It will be the best foundation you could ever wish for. Take care when you put piece by piece together. Make sure it’s done in the best way ever. And then, in the end, you will have something you will forever be proud of. This is when your garden will be juicy and green.

39 thoughts on “The Greener Grass…

  1. Back there, far, far away, in my birth country, it is a joke that cast the light on a mentality that is difficult to get rid off.

    Somewhere, in a countryside lost corner, there are two poor neighbours, each of them had only a goat. One day, one of goat dies and the poor man was devastated. Not too late, that day, two travellers pass in front of his house and ask him: “what’s wrong, why are you so upset?”. The guy tells them what is about and the two tell him that they are Jesus and St. Peter and is in their power to fulfil a wish. After a few moments of astonishment the guy answer: “Let the neighbour’s goat die”.

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  2. I’ve always said, the grass is only green until it turns brown. Everyone has brown spots in their grass, even when those spots are tucked under the porch. I’m sure people do have some things that we would like to have for ourselves, but they almost certainly have other things in their life that we wouldn’t want. To want someone’s life it to want all of it and we’d probably find out real quick that it’s not what we had expected.

    For a time, when our marriage was struggling, people would constantly talk about how great of a couple we were. Saying that we got along so well, never argued, were always happy. Sure, that’s what we showed them, but it was far from the truth. People only see what we let them see. The grass we show off is only our best grass. And you are absolutely right about giving up when we think that there’s better grass, even if that grass is us being alone. We start looking at all the negative aspects and stop paying attention to all the good. It’s a downward spiral from there. What’s needed is a change of perspective. Only then, will their grass start looking green again. Be happy with your own grass. If you keep it watered and well taken care of, it will be the best grass in the neighborhood.

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  3. I think that the jealousy begins when people forget to be truly grateful for what they have. When you are honestly living from an attitude of love and gratitude it doesn’t matter if the neighbor just bought a new 2016 car or a co-worker got a big raise in pay. As you pointed out the grass isn’t always greener. Perhaps that neighbor or co-worker is living way beyond their means and they aren’t as happy as you think. For me my life isn’t everything I would like it to be but I have everything I need and I am surrounded with people I love and who love me. My back isn’t 100% yet but I can stand and walk and that is way more than I could do three years ago. I am absolutely grateful for this life. I wouldn’t want anyone elses and I believe the best is yet to come.

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  4. Everytime someone uses that phrase with me I tell them of a friend of mine, massive house, lovely husband, four amazing kids, great relationship with parents. You name it from the outside it looks it. But for her to have gotten to this point, she has survived sexual abuse from a young age, she has PTSD, major depression and sever anxiety. She is the most amazing person but she has worked hard to get where she is today (and I am so proud of her) but she has not had it easy on any level

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  5. “It does not matter how green the grass on the other side is. As long as you look after your garden and do your very best to make it look good, you can be proud of yourself.” That’s how I feel and say in reply:
    It’s not how green your grass looks, but how lush and comfortable and supportive and strong it FEELS under your feet. And, I guess I could also say that the sensitivity of my feet might differ from the sensitivity of your feet.👣

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