My Picks Of The Week #16

Did you think I forgot about my picks of the week? Nope, I didn’t. Simply swapped things around today, feeling a little adventurous and breaking patterns here. So here are the posts I enjoyed reading the most this week. I hope you will find something you like and have not read yet.

Have a happy weekend you all  🙂

Just shocking…

Just read it if you have not done yet. I’m not going into details… want to leave that to Underdaddy…

The Week
In the spirit of Aloha…

Worth checking out…

Pattern$ Of R@andomness
Can’t stop sining A-B-C-D… and so on… not sure why, the post is actually pretty good…

Petals Unfolding
True words…

Thoughts Of An E’ville Woman
One of the posts again that I say just head over and read…

Space, Time, And Raspberries
Who thought you’re ready to be a parent too?

Didn’t we all???

The Green Glasses
The pressure is bigger than ever…

Erika Kind
Such a beautiful post about what we are made of… for the lack of better words… it goes so much deeper…

21 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #16

  1. Sandra, I am so very honored to be included on this list of most excellent posts. I’ve read some, not all, and I really know that those you have chosen are by far outstanding. To be considered one of those, is quite a milestone for me. I thank you from the bottom of my Heart. May you have a wonderful weekend! Love, Amy ❤

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  2. Thank you, Sandra! What a wonderful surprise it was to see one of Space, Time, and Raspberries posts here. I’m humbled you consider it worthy of recognition. And thanks for giving me so many other terrific blogs to read and follow! ❤

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