Finding My Place


I just finished reading an amazing post written by Erika Kind. It’s about the question if we would do it again. I think we all have slightly different opinions about it. Not everyone would run from the chance to go back in time and change something. Not everyone will tell you that they, no matter what, would do everything the same way again because they are happy with where they are now.

Erika mentions a friend in her post who says that he would head back as he believes that life would take him to the same spot just following another path. It is honestly something I believe in too.

I think that we, no matter what path we choose, eventually end up at the same place. What I’m no so sure about is if we would have the same people in our lives. And that is something that would worry me and where it gets complicated for me.

I think the question about wanting to do something again is not about time travel but more about where you are at in your life. It’s about finding your place in this world, in your life. And I found mine. I’m happy with the people I have in my life and the people I met along my way. I guess if you struggle with where you are, with who you are you most likely would want to go back in time and do something different.

I doubt that anyone would have had only a smooth ride on their journey. Life has a way of throwing things at us. Things that are unpleasant. Things that throw us off, that make us question our ideas, our values, our journey. Obstacles that might be hard to take. But all of it is for a reason. As Erika points out in her post, every single one of those challenges, no matter how exhausting and painful they are, will provide us with something.

They provide us with another little puzzle piece we need in our picture of life or better with building blocks. The more blocks we have the more solid we will get. All those challenges, all the adventures, all the pain, the sorrow, the fear, the exhausted will lead you further. They shape you. They bring you to the person you truly are, the person you are meant to be if you deal with it correctly.

It’s hard when you are in this spiral. It’s hard to see the light, the way out, the chances it offers you. It’s hard to not get dizzy, to not lose track. You stumble, you fall, you get up, you clean yourself up and you walk on, richer then you were before. You have made another experience, you have learned another lesson and it all adds up.

I believe that we all get to that point in life where we realize why it’s all happening, why we had to go through all of it and where it will take us. It’s a fantastic realization. As I said, I’ve found my place. I had my moment when I realized my why and my where. It doesn’t take an excursion to the Himalayas, it can be as simple one morning brushing your teeth and have an aha moment.

I had my aha moment one morning while at home. In a way I felt like a diamond in that moment. Weird, you think? Maybe. But a diamond is not shiny and beautiful from the start. It is not shaped the way it is right away. It goes through a lot of pressure moments, shaping and forming until it shines in its beauty. In a way it’s the same for us too…

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21 thoughts on “Finding My Place

  1. Very profound Sandra. I haven’t read Erika’s post yet but I’m sure it’ll be full of insights. Just as your words have been here. Don’t you just love those aha moments.

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  3. There were times in my life when I wondered “what if”, but then realized that there are two sides to what-if. You may gain, but you will also lose. Perhaps you may even lose more than you gain. There are roads that I had looked back on which I believed would have led to glorious endings, but what if I had had the opportunity to actually take them? Would they have ended as I thought? Probably not and possibly even turned out terribly. That is something we will never know, so we must believe that everything in life happens for a reason and even during times that are difficult, hard to understand, or upside down, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

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  4. Wow! This is simply amazing with what you came up here! Did you know that you were one of those people I was talking to who inspired me for my post? And now I inspired you for yours. Awesome!!! Yes, I believe that we reach particular places, no matter what! So, whatever path we choose, we are attracted by fate like a magnet. From what direct ever we will get there. I think I talked to you about it: Since we don’t know about another path option we would not mind whoever we met. But for sure there will be also the perfect people showing up at the right time. We are taken care of, no matter where we are and what we do. Even if we feel lost, we aren’t! The path is laid, we only need to walk it and it will lead us to the place we are supposed to arrive and become the person we are supposed to become! As you said it, that is why everything happens for the reason to keep us on track!
    This is one of the most energetic and passionate posts I have ever read!!! Fantastic!!!

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  5. Very profound post! I personally am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I often wonder if things were different for me in the past, where would I be? However, like you mentioned, would we have the same people in our lives?

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    • I guess we all make of it what suits us best. It’s for sure a very though provoking post and it opens up so many different angles to look at things. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time with all your loved ones. πŸ˜˜πŸŽ„


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