Share Your World – 2016: Week 47

On Thursday it will be Thanksgiving in the USA and so Cee thought she could do a grateful list for this week’s Share Your World Challenge.  What a great idea! Most of these questions can be answered with just a couple of words so we were asked to just put down the first thing that comes to mind:

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Bloggers Meet & Greet

It’s mid October, Canadian Thanksgiving has passed and the American is approaching fast (well, yes it is kind of…). Down here in Australia we’ve been blessed with some amazing weather once more and in a true Aussie spirit it’s time to crank up the Barbie and put some shrimps on it!

No… not like that! More like this:

And while they are sizzling along I thought we can have a nice catch up! So let’s party blog style!

The rules are easy:

  • Comment on this post and introduce your blog in a short sentence
  • Put the link to your blog in your comment so people can check it out
  • Put a link to a post in the comment that especially touched you (can be one of your posts but can also be a post of another blogger)
  • Check out at least 3 of the other bloggers that have left a comment
  • Share this post with your readers so they get the chance to introduce themselves as well

Let’s get that party stared 🙂

Be Thankful

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. I hope you spend a fantastic Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!

My next thank you goes to Ritu who has invited me to take part in the “Be Thankful Challenge”. For sure a fantastic idea and I have to mention the creator of this challenge as well here, a blog named ScaleSimple. A truly great idea!

So here’s what this challenge is all about:

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