Sisterhood Of The World Award Again

Thank you so much, Shade But No Shade, for nominating me once more for the Sisterhood Of The World Award. I really appreciate your nomination. As I have been nominated for this award previously, I will just answer your questions in this post. Now to all of my followers, who frequently comment and like my posts: Who of you has not yet received this award? Please let me know in the comments.

Shade But No Shade’s Questions: 

1. Chips or Cookies?
Depends on the day and the time of the day. Cookies with my coffee and in the afternoon (if I don’t stick to my plan of not being naughty…) but chips with a glass of wine before dinner…

2. Fruits or Vegetables?
Both! I love fruits and vegetables and salads. Could eat it all day!

3. Hot chocolate or a latte?

4. Would you rather eat ice cream for a year or eat bagels?
Bagels. More variety. You can make it savory or sweet. And you can eat veggies and salad with it. Can’t eat vegetables or salad with ice cream… maybe fruit salad…

5. What’s one thing you miss about High School?
Being still a child. Not having the responsibility and pressure you sometimes feel as an adult. And also kind of having no clue about so many things (but still thinking you know EVERYTHING and you know it better…)

6. Who is the one you rely on the most? Why?
Myself and definitely my husband. I believe that if I feel something needs to be changed it has to start with me. I need to change it, I have to start it. We often try to push this responsibility away from us and decide that others are responsible. But in the end it’s all about us. My husband: Because he gets me. We are Yin and Yang. We are the team that pulls together and as well in the same direction (can you say that? There’s a saying in German but not sure if you get what I mean…). He is my rock and I’m his. There’s nobody I trust more than him. He tells me when I’m wrong and he picks me up when I need it. I have his support. What else do you need…

7. What’s your all time favorite show?
So difficult. It changes. Big Bang Theory for a long time and Hawaii 5-O… and then there are some more I like to watch. But I definitely try not to miss an episode of those two…

8. What day is the toughest to get up and get ready?
I like to get up every day of the week. They’re all good days.

9. What’s one song you disliked, but ended up being catchy?
I hate Timber and all the songs that are obvious about sex (but not obvious) and really catchy. So catchy that the kids start singing them after hearing them on the radio. Glad I’m listening to music at the moment, otherwise this song would be stuck in my head again for the rest of the day and I really dislike it!

10. Would you prefer a rainy day or a bright, humid, sunny day?
Am I boring if I say I don’t mind? I really don’t mind. As long as it’s not a long period of this weather I like every kind of weather. And if it gets too long then all of it gets annoying and I crave for a change. We had some beautiful autumn days last week and then a couple of rainy and cold days. I enjoyed them all. Every type of weather offers something to you.

As soon as I know who of my frequent followers has not yet accepted this award I will announce my nominees and I will let you know my questions. I’m off to enjoy a walk in the park with my dogs and then looking forward to a Friday movie night with the best man in this world and super-duper awesome kids. Happy days!

17 thoughts on “Sisterhood Of The World Award Again

  1. can you define “chips”? “Chips” as in “French fries” or “chips” as I know them here in the states (which may also be known as “crisps” by other people).

    and bagels over ice cream? with all those wonder flavor combinations available???

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  2. #5 oh #5 how I miss thee?! No responsibilities, no bills, no headaches… except for the occasional girlgossip and pop quizzes.

    Liked by 1 person

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