Blogger Party And A Happy Dance

jelly dance

Doing a little Happy Dance over here and somehow can’t stop thinking of a picture of a jelly fish I recently took. While watching I felt like it was dancing for me… I know, it takes some imagination to see it. Maybe you should have been there too…

Now let the jelly be a jelly… Most importantly: I just want to shout out a huge THANK YOU ALL!!!

Thank you all so much for your support, for your visits, the likes, the comments, for inspiring me and for teaching me heaps of stuff! Today I reached the amazing number of 100’000 views!

I thought I might be able to catch the 100’000th view but headed over to one of your posts to read at 99’992 views and suddenly I was at 100’006… Oh well…

What a number, right?!

When I started the blog I was hoping to find one or two souls somewhere out there who would like to read what I’m writing about. It’s 1 1/3 year since more or less and I simply feel humbled.

I have all in all (Facebook and Twitter included) just over 1’800 followers. There’s a fantastic core group that I see frequently commentating on my posts. Bloggers I feel I know by now and consider my virtual friends.

And now I really hope you feel like celebrating with me!

Let’s party together!

  • Share the link to your blog in the comments. Maybe with a short introduction? Maybe the link to a favorite post of yours? Up to you…
  • If you like reblog this post so other bloggers can find their way over there and share their link too in order to meet some new “friends”

And then party! Catch up with everyone else who is here today. Say hi and have a friendly conversation. It’s how you meet people, you know.

Thank you all so so much! Now let me continue with my Happy Dance 🙂

54 thoughts on “Blogger Party And A Happy Dance

  1. Congratulations, diligence and dedication always pay. You are good at what you do and the difference is clear. Every post I have read on your blog passed a message.
    Now to the party, I hope there are still leftovers.

    Time to visit other blogs, my address- The theme of my blog is centered around family, marriage, and women

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  2. CONGRATS! That is awesome. 🙂
    My blog is A Kinder Way. I focus on living life in a kinder way. I write about everything from beauty to food to mental health to animals. There really is nothing off the table as long as it promotes kindness..
    all my links to social media are also on my page. I hope you visit. 🙂

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  3. Wow congrats!
    Also, I love jellyfish AND parties so Wohoo!

    To the other party goers:
    My name is Kyrstin and my blog is about our Kayak adventures and getting into paddling!

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