Who To Vote For?

I often said in my comments I’m glad I don’t have to vote. Of course I was always talking about the election in the USA. But suddenly I realized, that me too, I have to vote. And I have to do it this Saturday.

I’m an Australian citizen now and in Australia voting is compulsory. My dilemma is, that I have no clue which party I should vote for and who I want as our future Prime Minister. Not that it truly matters because if Australia is not happy with the Prime Minister, Australia just decides to swap the Prime Minister. Almost like underpants… But more about it here...

As I said, I’m truly undecided who to vote for. Therefor I thought it would be a good idea to use a link which should help you figure out which one of the parties suits your values the most (thanks to my husband for providing me with this link).

I started this little quiz, answering all kind of questions. Questions about health care, education, environment, immigration and also about same sex marriage. Yep… same sex marriage. The question was down the line if you believe that the government should support same sex marriage.

This single question really hit me. I mean, seriously? Should that even be a question at all? Did we not evolve enough to understand that love is love and that people should have the right to love who they love? No matter of their gender, race or religion?

The quiz gave me a direction but I can’t shake the thought that if I really choose to vote for this party I might not vote for the party that actually supports same sex marriage. They might, in the end, not even truly support my thoughts in regards to environment, health care and education.

The frustrating thing is, that you can actually never be sure about what you get when you vote. Not only is it totally non-transparent but of course all those promises made are most likely empty promises. Just to win votes.

And then? What will actually be truly done? And even if the party you voted for, which will then put our Prime Minister in charge, will win, you can never be sure for how long they will be in charge. Because if a couple of months from now their actions don’t satisfy, there will be a little shake on the chair game played and suddenly we end up with a new Prime Minister. Sometimes I truly wonder why bother at all? But hey, we live in a democracy and I believe that if you have the right to vote you also should. Maybe it is good for something after all…

Back to same sex marriage or better the right to be equal, or having equal rights: It’s been more or less a year since the US Supreme Court has legalized same sex marriage. In a way the world should celebrate that a decision towards love has been made. Unfortunately we have not truly arrived just yet, as Orlando proved once again. Unfortunately often it’s not about love. It’s about control. It’s about containing what’s out of the norm that is widely accepted as the way it should be. You can read more about my thoughts about same sex marriage here.

I hope that by going this survey in order for me to get an idea who to vote for my decision to want someone there who supports same sex marriage, who looks after the environment, who puts health care and education first is somewhere noted. I hope that it will be made aware at one point or the other, what people want. I hope that the world will vote for more kindness, more love, more peace.

My hopes are, that one day we will no longer have to decide on things like same sex marriage. That one day it’s just normal that you can love who you love. My hopes are, that one day we don’t have to vote for someone to protect our environment, but that it will be clear that we have to look after it. Every single one of us. My hopes are that education and health care will one day be just a normal thing, for everyone at any time. My hopes are that one day it will be more important to find peace rather than conquer, that happiness, kindness and love will be more important than money and power.

Maybe we will get there one day. But most likely this will remain a dream. A dream of someone, who truly hopes to make the right decision and put the right people in charge of the country she lives in and loves so much…



36 thoughts on “Who To Vote For?

  1. I love this. May I share it? Yes, I am dreading the election in the U.S. there is no right answer? It is nice to see other’s in different parts of the world feeling just as torn about the decision they have to make as well. I take those quizzes too. And even though, I knew what the answer would be, I’m still not happy about it, LOL!

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  2. In the Lakota tradition, leaders were not elected. The people followed those who were the best at taking care of others. If for some reason they failed at this, a leader could wake in the morning and find all the TeePees of his followers had moved on without him.

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  3. As a truly concerned citizen of these here United States of America, I can honestly say I feel your frustration and confusion. However, the one thing I’m definitely not confused about is who I’m votin’ for, and it ain’t Hillary Clinton. The issues we’re facin’ here would only be exacerbated and the political elite would continue to advance their agenda of a one world government, which, in my opinion, would be the end of life as we all know it.

    I really liked this post and if you read my post a couple of weeks ago, you know my stance on same sex marriage and homosexuality in general. I do, however, appreciate your opinion on the subject and I believe that you have the right to form and live by your opinions. I applaud you for that.

    I also completely agree with your last paragraph. If only all of that would happen … but that is describing a Utopia, and we both know that ain’t ever gonna happen, at least not here on this earth.

    Great post Momma!

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      • I know he is, partly because he not in the government establishment that is purely quid pro quo, and partly because Clinton ain’t nothin’ but a lyin’, theivin, murderin’, self servin’, unAmerican, cheatin’, ( insert unpolite descriptor here). Besides those reasons, there are many more. My biggest fear is that she will get elected, simply because she’s a woman. The whole world has seen what happened when Obama was elected simply because he is black. He wanted to “Fundamentally Change the United States,” and he has done everything he possibly could to do just that. The USA has definitely been fundamentally changed, but not for the better, and to put Clinton in that office would be like playin’ russian roulette with a fully loaded clip. If, and that’s a BIG if, Trump does what he says he’s gonna do, but I don’t think he can do it all in 4 short years, the USA will be on a path to becomin’ again what it once was … a country it’s citizens can actually be proud of.

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      • From the outside it seems you have no good option there… but hey, that’s only from someone from the outside. Not living through the issues you have to. So it’s truly difficult to grasp what’s happening. I am sure happy that I don’t have to decide between any of the two. I couldn’t as I find both of them really bad.

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      • I agree that Trumps brashness and brutal honesty is a turn off for many people, but in the last couple of weeks, he toned that down a lot and is startin’ to stick to his policies when he gives speeches and somewhat less brutal verbiage when he talks about and describes Clintons crimes and sins.

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  4. Compulsory voting? Here in the US of A we are in the current mess partly because the Obama camp was able to turn out massive numbers of low information voters. I shudder to think what it would’ve been like over the years if that entire population of folks with no knowledge or interest in how government works had been forced to the polls against their will and inclination. I would wholeheartedly endorse compulsory voting if we also had mandatory civics education, with appropriate grade level material, from K through 12. Obama was elected by folks on one end of the spectrum who thought he would personally step in and pay their rent and light bills and on the other end by his sponsors in the oligarchy. Had our middle class not all but disappeared through globalization he wouldn’t have had a prayer of being elected. Now we are faced with The Donald on one hand, the king of the oligarchs promising to undo the damage they have done over the last half century and, as he correctly (my opinion) describes his opponent, the most corrupt person ever to run for the Presidency of the United States. I have to go with Trump on the outside chance that he will actually attempt to keep his promises. Clinton only offers the promise that she and her family will continue on the path toward obscene wealth by selling whatever is left of our government to the highest bidder. Darn it Momma, you made me think again and now my brain is starting to hurt.

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    • Shitty situation… (Excuse my language). Sorry for making you think… I agree re civics education. Something that gets forgotten… Probably on purpose. Keep people uninformed, play with their fears and hopes and you are in charge… Isn’t this the way politics work?

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  5. See nail, hit head. A few years back the now defunct “Man Show” set up a sidewalk table in Manhattan asking people to sign a petition to end women’s suffrage and aired comments from those signing. Most comments were in the “women have suffered enough” category. One man remarked to his lady, who had just placed her signature on the petition, “you just signed away your right to vote. Her response, “huh?” We elect people to the most important offices on the planet on the basis of empty promises, sound bites and speeches written by professional speech writers, trained in the craft of hitting all the “hot buttons”. I would just as soon see elections decided by the medieval trial by combat method.

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  7. Not a difficult decision for me. My son has autism and not only has Trump mocked a disabled person, he thinks Michael Savage speaks common sense – the right-wing radio nut-job who thinks autism isn’t real, and those kids just need a smack because they’re brats. Clinton also was instrumental in starting the CHIP program ensuring kids from low-income households who don’t quite qualify for Medicaid are still covered for health insurance. So, as you can see, this election is a pretty easy decision for me.

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  8. Well, here is another opportunity for me to rant about the bass-ackwards state where I now reside (Tennessee) while extolling the virtues of my home state (California) at least when it comes to informing the population in general and those of us who want to knowledgeably exercise our right to vote. CA has only two voting periods in any election year for any and all offices. Here in TN, I have already voted once this year and think that I may have a chance to do it 2 or 3 more times before the year ends. However, I have to put in the effort to find out who or what I will be voting on each time so that I can make an informed decision. I miss the voter information pamphlets that were provided to registered voters by the Secretary of State in California. They were prepared and provided by the State and included, at minimum, the pros, cons and associated costs for ballot measures. At best they also included statements from the candidates for each office. My current state is so far behind, they just FINALLY voted to allow wine sales in grocery stores but, as has always been the case with beer which was already available there, times when these alcoholic beverages CAN be sold are limited and, of course, THEY CAN NEVER BE SOLD ON SUNDAY. I bet that’s the day most people want to partake! Oh well, two steps forward, one step back when it comes to bringing this state closer to modernization.

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    • I think after this vote everyone needs a drink…
      Crazy to experience such a drastic difference from State to State. You would think that for an election on such a level it should all be leveled in every State. Somehow organized by the government.


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