Guest Post—The View from Totality

Solar Eclipse much? I know I’m “late” to the party but 1st of all, we did not have a solar eclips in down under and 2nd nobody better to write about it than my blogger friend Emma.
Emma is one of my regular guest bloggers. I feel really thrilled about the possibility to post one educating post of this great blogger once a month over the next couple of months. Thank you so much, Emma, for sharing these great posts with us! If you would like to check out the previous guest posts, this amazing blogger wrote for me, head over here. Continue reading


Guest Post – New Beginnings

A beautiful guest post from my friend Vanbytheriver. I was told that it was sort of inspired by my ‘Inside Out’ post, which makes me even happier. I can totally relate to how it feels moving with children. Although I have to say somehow our son made it easy on us back in the days. He must have felt really positively excited about moving to a country on the other side of the world. But of course as a parent you always worry. You worry about how it’s going to be, how well everyone will settle and if anybody will feel homesick. A move, no matter if it’s to a different country or a different state or “just” to a different town, city or even house, is always unsettling and an adventure. For everyone. It’s not only a goodbye but also a chance for a new beginning. So thanks again for this beautiful post! And, hey, I just totally virtually winked at you 😉

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Guest Post – Please Don’t Say He’s That Age Already!  

It was a lovely surprise to get an email from Momma asking me if I’d like to write a guest post for her.

Who am I?

Sorry, how rude of me! My name is Ritu of But I Smile Anyway. I’m also a mum, in the UK, and also I’ve just started work as a Nursery Teacher. I like to write about all sorts, from recollections and reminiscences, to jokes and quotes, stories about my family, my thoughts on various issues, and all about my cat too!

Please have a mosey on over, and have a nose at my posts, and if you like, join my lovely followers!!

I had a think, and came up with something I hope you will enjoy reading!!!!

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Guest Post – Inequality Rocks!

Over the next couple of weeks I would like to introduce to you some of my favorite bloggers. The best way to do this is to have them write for me. So I asked each and everyone of them to contribute to my blog. Here is my first guest in this series. If you don’t know her yet, let me tell you that there is lots of humor, lots of sarcasm and lots of insights in her posts. Please pay her a visit. Without further ado:

Hi babeses, my name is Emma-Jane, but you can call me EJ. I am a celebrité blogger and burgeoning rap artiste living amongst the glamorous Singapore Expaterati. My blog, Diary of an Expat Somebody, is a where I share my fabulous life with the universe and beyond, charting the choppy waters of expathood. As an awesome mother of two young irritants and a wonderful wife, I somehow manage to juggle family responsibilities (including supervising the help), with an exciting non-stop social calendar, and a grueling self-maintenance health and beauty regime. All this AND writing about it!! I know, it’s incredible. So that’s me!

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