Your Stories – A Friend And A Husband. By Tiny Expats

Beautiful story once more about how two people found together. Thank you so much, Yuliya from Tiny Expats! If you have a story to tell, please don’t hesitate and email me! I would love to hear your story…

There are lots of beautifully romantic entries in the Couples series on A Momma’s View. My story, although with a very happy end, did not start in a very romantic way.

I met my husband in 2001, when we both started our BA’s in the same uni. We mixed in the same group of friends and once a guy, who we both knew, even told me that my ‘husband-to-be’ fancies me. I didn’t pay much attention to that, especially, after I saw him getting into a relationship with another girl – that guy could’ve been mistaken. I myself got into a serious relationship soon after that and that was that.

Over the years, as we studied in the same place, I could see his relationship evolve and always thought that his girlfriend was lucky as he’s a wonderful boyfriend, but there was never a thought in my mind that anything would ever happen between the two of us.

Time passed and, three years later, we both got out of our respective relationships, funnily enough – on the same day (totally coincidental and strange). I remember seeing him a month laterΒ after almost the whole academic year (first I went for a semester abroad and then it was his turn to go away for a semester) and being really impressed by the way he looked – he worked out, which had great results, but he also looked somehow more confident and grown up. Did we get together at that point? No.

Another year went by. Long story, right? I graduated and thought of going back home to Ukraine. I felt kinda lonely and not sure of what to do anymore. My parents suggested that I would go back to London for two months: if I find a job – great, I can stay for a while, if not – I can always go back home. Upon my arrival, I was sitting in Heathrow express, thinking, who I should call to tell that I’m back. Lot’s of our fellow students graduated as well and went back to their countries (our uni was full of international students). I called a couple of girlfriends, who I usually went out with, and I also decided to call my future husband, just because I knew that he’s still here, doing Masters, and he’s a great guy, I could keep in touch with. Although, we had a nice chat, that again led to nothing.

In about a month I got lucky and found my first job. I was very excited – I could finally be an independent adult and that lifted my spirits considerably, so I wasn’t feeling so lost anymore and decided to stay for a while longer in London. My social life was much quieter than before, without the usual student parties to attend, but I was happy that my closest friends still lived here.

One day a friend of mine invited me for a coffee after work. We were having a casual conversation in a cafe, when she told me that they just had a lunch with this guy (who later become my husband, but I had no idea whatsoever that he would at that time). She started telling me how funny he is (yes, I know), how kind he is (totally agree), how good looking (cannot disagree with that), coming from a good family (that too), soooo…. (here she gives me a looong and meaningful look). Aaaand? (seriously, at that point, I still did not get that hint!) Well, why don’t you two try to go out? No way! He’s a friend, you know? We know each other for ages, never thought about it, why should we now? She asked ‘why not?’ and I told her that he went out with another friend of ours, to which she replied that they’ve split up a year ago. Fair enough. Any other reasons against it? I, honestly, couldn’t come up with anything else. We were planning to go out the next day to celebrate my first salary and she suggested inviting him as well and taking it from there. Ok, I could do that, right? I texted him an invitation and he answered straight away, saying that yes, of course, he’d be there. Later, I found out that by that point he was already invited by that girl and her boyfriend and he was a bit surprised by being asked about it again. Talking about proactive friends.

The evening in question was going great, we had a dinner followed by cocktails at the bar. It was fun chatting with everybody as we all knew each other for quite a while and enjoyed the company. Then, all of a sudden, our friends announced that it’s getting late (I think, it was about 9 or 10pm) and quickly left. Not suspicious at all.

Being left with our cocktails and each other, we had a great time – being together was just so easy, like everything just clicked. That is the date we now count as the first day of our relationship. He told me afterwards that, when he saw me for the first time in 2001, entering our uni court yard, he thought that he would really want to be with this girl, however, he saw me with another guy and thought he had no chance (in fact, that guy was no one special to me). He now tells this story to anyone, who asks how we met, and it always involves my hair ‘being swayed by the wind’ and him ‘feeling as if struck by lightning’. Cheesy, I know, but so sweet πŸ™‚

Half a year later, my already-boyfriend called me at work to discuss some plans. According to him, by the end of the year we were supposed to do this and that and get married and move to Germany. Just like that, in one sentence. To my question ‘are you seriously proposing to me by phone right now??’ he replied ‘did you think there was any other way our relationship would evolve?’. It wasn’t asking, it was more like stating, but, frankly speaking, I didn’t mind.

A year later we had a wonderful wedding in a snowy Kiev with the couple, who helped us get together, as our best man and maid of honor.

Ten years, four countries and two children later – I’m very happy to be on a journey with my husband, who is my best friend.

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