The Value Of True Friendship

When you move away, you always have to leave something behind. Especially if the move is a big one. Some things you will never be able to take along. Like the area or the house you lived in. The neighbors stay behind. Sometimes it’s an entire lifestyle that you need to leave back. And your friends.

Unfortunately you can’t take your friends along with you. Imagine… how fun would it be if you could just stuff them into your suitcase and drag them along… Having said that… imagine the backlash! They might do the same! And suddenly the entire town moves with you… hmmm

Seriously: I often say that I don’t miss anything about Switzerland. And it’s true. It’s a fantastic country but so is Australia. What I came to realize, though, is, that I do miss having the opportunity to see my friends whenever I feel like. That we can just get together. And if it’s only for a quick cup of coffee.

I realized what a shame it is that all our kids that are suddenly around will not grow up together. Yes, it’s a shame. On the other hand they can be in touch. They have something that connects them: Us. Our friendship.

And as much as I miss seeing them on a regular base and as much as I think it’s a shame that the kids can’t grow up together, I realize what true friendship is all about.

It’s about not seeing each other for years and only speaking over the phone or emailing every now and then and then catching up and it’s all like it’s been before. Although heaps has changed our friendship, the connection is still the same.

True friendship is about being there for someone without being asked. Turning up in a moment you’re not expected to and in doing so giving the support that is needed in exactly that moment.

True friendship is about sharing stories and laughter and then realizing that your kids just look at you, not really getting why you are laughing tears. And then trying to explain it to them, also realizing that they will probably never get it.

It’s about the knowledge that someone will always be there on the other side of this planet, always.

The last couple of weeks taught me that I have those kind of friends. It taught me how blessed I am to not only have found new friends I can always count on but also still being able to rely on my old friends.

True friendship really never just disappears. It will stick to you forever. This is for all of you, my friends. The ones I made and the ones I kept.

For my old friends: There are no words to tell you how much you did for me over the last couple of weeks. No words to tell you how much I appreciate having you in my life!

And for my new friends: Can’t wait to call you my old friends too one day πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your friendship!


24 thoughts on “The Value Of True Friendship

  1. I think that’s one of the positive things about the internet. It brings us closer to those we’ve left far away. It keeps the ties tied. It lets us find those we’ve lost track of. It lets us reconnect.

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  2. My friends are my compass, my joy, and most of all my comrades in shenanigans. Although as we get older the shenanigans are replaced with tears from laughter about the shenanigans. I hope as we get older we settle into some “Old Lady Shenanigans” and cry more tears from laughter.

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