I met a new friend recently, who just moved to Australia from Canada. We had a good laugh as she has seen a couple of the “dangerous locals” already in her first couple of weeks here in this country. For us it took much longer to spot one… The good thing is: We all are still alive and kicking. It’s not really as bad here as some people might think…

A Momma's View

Australia is well known for it’s special, unique and also dangerous animals. One of the things that have fascinated me from the very beginning are the different kind of jelly fish that are lethal. While the box jelly is one you can actually spot and hope that you spot its body before the tentacles get to you, the Irukandji is tiny. Thankfully we do not have to worry about either of them down here in Australia’s South. Up in the North it’s a different story though and during certain times of the year you should not enter the water without either wearing a stinger suit or swimming in one of the netted areas. And even there you have no guarantee to not encounter an Irukandji.

It took us 9 years living in Australia before actually encountering the first snake in the wild. We were on a hike and it…

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