I can feel it. That sting. In my heart. So many thoughts. So many unanswered questions. The biggest one is “why”. A why nobody will ever be able to answer. Why is it… And you can add so many things to this sentence. A sentence that seems so innocent but has so much weight.

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We’ve had some stunningly beautiful days recently. Perfect weather, sunny, warm with that tiny little chilly feeling to it. Beautiful winter days or maybe fall days.

When I’m out on days like this I can’t help smiling. Not only because I enjoy the moment as such but in moments like that I’m also grateful for not being stuck in fog for weeks and weeks.

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It’s The Mixture Of Things…

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I read a great post on Coach Daddy yesterday and funny enough my son has decided to bake something today and is using the same ingredients mentioned in Eli’s post. While reading Eli’s post I couldn’t stop thinking about people. The wheel in my head started spinning. There you are, having flour, salt, brown sugar, maybe cacao powder, baking powder ready to use. By now you might wonder what people, sugar, flour, salt, baking powder or soda or cacao powder have in common. Bare with me…

You see all the different ingredients, you look at their different colors, textures and shapes. Everything is so very different and yet some are so similar. Again I can’t help but think of people. The wheel is still spinning…

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It was just a bottle of wine. Actually one each… It’s something I hear us say every now and then on a Sunday morning while hiding behind the sunglasses, watching our girls play soccer, standing in the cold. We both giggle and immediately feel sorry for not having had more discipline.

“You know that it’s only you that makes me drink so much?” As if I force her to empty her glass or to refill it… But I know kind of what she means. It is the combination of the two of us that is dangerous. When we catch up, we catch up for early dinners. The kids disappear, the guys get along well, conversation flows and so does the wine. Giggles, laughter, food and the wine. Continue reading


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Some remarks of certain people feel like they are stabbing you with a knife. Some feel like little needles puncturing your skin. No matter what, it either hurts or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Those who stab you with their remarks are most often easier to get rid of. Not for the action of getting rid of them but for the decision. Their actions clearly hurt you and one day or another you will realize that those kind of people don’t belong in your life, in your circle of people.

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Image result for bjorn der kleine eisbar

I’m pretty sure we all used to have them, our imaginary friends. I know I had one. I used to talk to her and make plans and go on adventures that basically also only happened in my imagination. But it was wonderful. Because it was not real.

I remember when my son started chit chatting along while on walks with the dog and when I asked him if he was talking to me he was quite surprised and told me that he of course wasn’t but that he was having a conversation with Lena, Peeps and Bjorn the bear. The three of them were from a story he loved so much and became his companion. While at home he had the trio in form of stuffed animals, he just imagined to have them around while we were out.

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The Room To Be Yourself

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Our children mix with a lot of kids from all kind of different schools. They have a really good group of friends, all with similar values from what I can tell. It all happened by coincidence, you know. The way they found each other. Being home-schooled children, mine didn’t find their buddies in the classroom or playing during recreation. In a way it was life that brought them together.

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