The Room To Be Yourself

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Our children mix with a lot of kids from all kind of different schools. They have a really good group of friends, all with similar values from what I can tell. It all happened by coincidence, you know. The way they found each other. Being home-schooled children, mine didn’t find their buddies in the classroom or playing during recreation. In a way it was life that brought them together.

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The Story Carried By The Wind

I’ve been out there again. Walking along the beach today. It was a calm day, not many people on the beach and even the seal that every now and then finds some peace on said beach wasn’t around. The water was calm, some grey clouds hanging around. While walking my my head was silent. It doesn’t often happen. No thoughts. Just my breathing, the sound of my steps in the sand and he gentle splashing of the couple small waves.

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Heal – #atozchallenge

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Do you sometimes get to the point where you sort of “feel” a word? When you read it? Heal is a word that in a way does it to me. I look at it and it makes me feel good. Although healing is often in relation with pain. Physical or mental pain. And yet the word “heal” makes me breath deeper and calmer and gives me a good feeling. That is of course because it means something good. It means that something progresses and gets better.

I’m not surprised that “heal” was the first word to come to my mind when looking at the letter H in the A to Z Challenge. There is a lot of healing going on in my world at the moment.

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Give And Take – #atozchallenge

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I just finished reading a fantastic post by Mark Manson in which he writes about the question if you would ever want to be with someone who is not excited to be with you. In short it’s about wanting the 100%, the question if you are 100% in or not and if the other person is 100% in or not. The question is also about giving and taking.

It’s about the question why men pursue women who are not 100% in. Why do we play the hunting game? Or why do women are happy to wait for that phone call although they realize that the guy on the other side was most likely checking “better options” before actually calling.

He touches base on so many issues I think we all have when out there, looking for the real deal.

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There are two of them in my possession. And no, I’m not that person with a fake identity. I’m a dual citizen and, to be honest, I’m mighty proud of it. I love the fact that I have two passports. It comes with the luxury of having dual citizenship. And the funny thing is they couldn’t be more different in color.

One of them, the Swiss one, is bright red. The other one, the Australian one, is dark blue. While traveling on both of them seems really easy, it’s more the idea of being able to possess both.

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“It makes me wonder if I’ve ever done that to someone – not been the friend they needed.” This was part of a comment Eric left on my 100% Blast Of The Past post the other day. For the ones that have not read the post, it’s about what we feel is giving 100% and the fact that someone’s 100% might not seem like 100% to us because we expect more but for them it is 100%, it’s as much as they can do or give. It is also a post about friendship.

I often wondered in that particular friendship if my friend sees me as as important of a friend as I saw her. Back then I often thought it was not the case. I often thought I invest more of my emotion, of myself in this friendship. Today I know that it’s not the case. I know I was as important to her as she was to me. Her 100% just looked different to mine. Or better: They were different than what I expected from her.

And that’s what I answered Eric. It was actually not as if SHE was not the friend I needed. She was. I just did not receive it that way and simply labeled it as being less than 100% involvement. It was about my expectation. I expected it to be different. I expected her to show it in a different way. In a way I wanted it to be. I had my picture in my head of what it was supposed to be like. Continue reading

Your River

Music is not just sound. It’s so much more. It’s emotions, rhythm, passion and often a message too. It lifts you up and takes you places. Especially if it’s a song sung by an artist with a voice like this.

An amazing song by an amazing young talent…

The song was shared by someone I used to work with back in the days and the singer is actually the daughter of someone we worked with then too. Not only is it an amazing song but it made me think about the one thing I strongly believe in: Your life is just like a river. And it’s your river you have to swim in. As long as you stick to your river and keep floating you will have a good ride through your life… (read everything about it here)

On Repeat

How was your day? How was your week? How was your weekend? Innocent questions, right? And yet they can trigger so many thoughts.

There are moments when I think that my days, my weeks, my weekends all look the same. The same routine. The same things. Nothing wild happening. Everything repeats itself. The answer you might give following the above question would be “same old…”.

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