Blast From The Past – What Would I Try?

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What if you wouldn’t have fear? What would you try? Recently I heard some kids chat about it. Broccoli was mentioned and it made me laugh. Climbing up a steep ladder was also brought up and I could relate. Jumping off the pier was another answer and I nodded. Stand up to the kid that pushed my friend at school today.. an answer that almost made me cry.

Fears come in many forms and shapes. They can seem so little, like eating broccoli. Or so big like standing up to a kid that pushes others. For the person dealing with them they are huge. I listed some of my little fears a while ago and just stumbled across the post. It made me think how fears are ours. How we all have different ones and that belittling people for a fear that seems silly to us is totally not cool…

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It’s Not The Mountain

How very true. It’s all about the fears we have, the worries we deal with, the obstacles we see or perceive as such. The mountain is the same for everyone. Some manage to conquer it, some don’t. 

The difference is not the mountain but the way it gets approached.

Fear Is Not Real

I find this thought provoking. Fear is not real. What we fear is in our head. Danger is real. But doesn’t danger creat fear? 

Many fears we have are in relation to the future. To something that doesn’t exist. Something we fear might happen. 

We Need To Heal The Cause, Not The Symptoms!

Nothing more to add to this! I was waiting for this post for a couple of days now as I knew Erika was working on it. I think it’s exceptional!

Share Your Light


After the terrible happenings in the past weeks, I thought a lot about what causes people to act in violent, disrespectful, arrogant, devastating, hatred ways. Yes, it is racism, frustration, fanaticism. But those are only the symptoms. But what is the cause for such aggression and hatred against innocent people? I know this is a very delicate subject and I don’t claim to know the solution. There is so much about it. But to me, there are three important possible causes standing out.

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#AtoZChallenge: F Like Fear…

By now it’s no secret anymore that I truly love the movie “Rise Of The Guardians”. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times. Up until now I always talked about one specific message in this movie. The message about believing in the magic that’s still out there.

There is another fantastic message in this movie, though. One that I’ve never really mentioned before. A message that stood out when I watched it again only recently.

It’s a message about fear.

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The City Of Love

Over the last 48 hours the city of love, Paris, was turned into the city of pain and sorrow, uncertainty, maybe fear and terror. It feels like watching a Bond movie. But it’s terribly real. In times like this it’s difficult to grasp what has happened. I’m sure that there are many posts out there about this at the moment. Honestly, I did not check my Reader just yet. I want to keep my mind free of everyone else’s thoughts. This time I don’t need any inspiration from the outside.

What happened in Paris should make us think once more. We get forced into no longer feeling free or safe in our own country, we are forced into worrying when we go out. We are forced into fighting back, maybe officially starting a war, which then feeds the ones that want to hurt us.

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